Holdback Guerrero

by | Aug 26, 2022 | Holdbacks, Our Collection

     We produced some exceptional Guerrero phase Drymarchon melanurus rubidus this year and are slowly picking out holdbacks. This is the most exciting project for us because our founding stock is mostly wild caught imports and only 1 captive bred animal. Because of this we can selectively breed for the most vivid colors and the desired pattern.

     We love our Eastern Indigos, but until we get to a point with captive collections where problematic genes no longer popup, selective breeding for anything other than being as distantly related as possible just isn’t doable.

     With this particular holdback the pairing was Ixtla x Don Quixote. Both were imported and both are high red and orange. The pairing produced spectacular offspring and is definitely going to be a reoccurring pairing.

We have named her Jazmin. If all goes well her first clutch will be available in the 2026/2027 season.