Honorary Cobra

by | Sep 3, 2022 | Drymarchon

         Drymarchon have long been known as “honorary cobras” due to many shared attributes such as general build, similar scales and head shapes, and their inquisitive nature. They even poop the same. Runny, smelly, and frequent. It’s a fitting name. Drymarchon really are like cobras that you can just play with…but this freshly hatched Yellowtail Cribo is taking the whole thing a bit too seriously. Monocled Yellowtail anyone?

     This species gets a bad reputation as mean because 99% of peoples interactions with this species has been with wild caught imports. Captive raised ones can be just as tame and calm as any other Drymarchon species. Wild caught specimens will box your face for sport. Treat them with respect and they will be as calm as captive bred animals, but not as trusting.

     We honestly see them as more fearful. They trust nothing. They are from the wild, why should they? They grew up in a world where everything wanted to kill them. It takes time and LOTS of positive interactions to win them over. But it’s worth the effort when the meanest snake you have ever worked with allows you to pick them up with your hands and walk around with them for the first time.

Captive bred specimens are so much calmer and do much better with handling.

The meanest, most insanely violent snake I have ever worked with is Carmella, a female wild caught imported Yellowtail Cribo. She has also become one of my favorites. She takes no crap from anyone, so I don’t give her any.

Rickey Wheeler