Drymarchon Care

Drymarchon require monitor lizard levels of cleaning and care. It takes a special kind of keeper to want to do it, but we love it. We can only tell you how we do it, and our reasoning behind our methods. Others have success with other methods. A healthy animal is the goal, not being correct.

Other Species

We may take the time to write up caresheets for other species, but the internet is absolutely full of caresheets for the other species we work with right now.

People like Vin Russo have taken the time to write incredibly detailed books, around 400 pages, on just Boa’s. The More Complete Boa constrictor is a book we highly recommend. People like him, Ron St. Pierre, Dave and Tracy Barker, Bill and Kathy Love, and more, have been working with some species for 30 and 40 years. We certainly feel no need to write down the care for a species any of them has already written down.

Quite frankly we don’t want to write a new version of old information. If we aren’t doing anything even slightly unique, or we don’t have a better way to word the care vs the other sheets out there, than we won’t.

We hope our clients have done their research on a species long before they contact us. We hope they have dug deep and read everything they can find on the topic because you can never get all of the information in one place. Especially the nuanced care that only comes with experience and frequent interactions with your animals.

We also hope our selection, vision, and quality is what brings in clients and not the ability to find all of the relevant caresheets in one place.